What is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner? 

A Practitioner is one who endeavors to heal themselves and others through the recognition of the creative power of Mind and the ever availability of Good. Practitioners are individuals who have been trained in the art, skill and science of Affirmative Prayer. A Practitioner seeks to demonstrate the power of spiritual realization in everyday affairs and believes in Divine guidance. A Practitioner sees through whatever condition someone is facing to the spiritual truth of your being, bringing about a change in the circumstance. Practitioners are licensed to practice professionally, and are bound by a high code of ethics to respect your privacy.

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Seaside Center for Spiritual Living Licensed Spiritual Practitioners


Our Practitioners are a wonderful team of individuals trained and licensed by the Centers for Spiritual Living in the art of Prayer. They are here to help you see your life more clearly and to pray for your requests. They are available for prayer following each Sunday service free of charge. Practitioners are also available for private spiritual counseling during the week by appointment. If you would like a private appointment, please contact the Practitioner directly.

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