CSL School of Spiritual Leadership

Graduate School of Consciousness Studies

Is Your Heart Calling You to Ministry?

CSL School for Spiritual Leadership is the premiere training program in the world today for Religious Science Ministry. When you graduate, you are prepared for your Ministry Licensing.  A Ministry Certificate and an accredited Master's of Arts in Consciousness Studies are both available depending on previous education. This program is exciting, challenging, deeply spiritual and rewarding.

You will find your experience at the CSL School of Spiritual Leadership unlike any path that you have ever traveled.  Prepare to immerse yourself in the great spiritual teachings of the world and the real world practice of ministry.  Our students are absorbed in their studies, find lifetime friends in their classmates and love their personal unfoldment at the CSL School of Spiritual Leadership. Our graduates hold spiritual leadership positions all over the world.

Our spirits ignite when we are doing what we love. If ministry is calling you, call our registrar Kathy Phelan at 760 753-5786  x*816.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am called to ministry?

This is something only you can know. If you have an urging in your heart to pursue this 
path of spiritual leadership, the best course of action is to explore ministerial training 
and find out more about it. You will know if it is right for you. 

Do I have to have a Bachelorʼs Degree to go to the CSL School of Spiritual Leadership?

Our program is a graduate level program and so we prefer a Bachelorsʼ Degree. 
However, we have ways that you can still attend our program without a Bachelors. To 
get these details, please contact the Dean.

How do I apply to the CSL School of Spiritual Leadership?

Make an appointment with our registrar by calling 760 753-5786 x*816. She will discuss 
the program with you, let you know the current class calendar, give you your admission 
materials and review the entrance process. She will also schedule you for an 
appointment with the Dean.

When can I register for classes and begin?

We are on the quarter system. Once you are accepted to CSL School of Spiritual Leadership, you can 
begin classes in any quarter. New classes generally begin in September, January, April 
and June.

Is there any financial assistance available?

There are a few opportunities for financial assistance. When you meet with the Dean, 
she will discuss them with you. 

Contact Numbers:
Kathy Phelan, Registrar 760 753-5786 x*816
Rev. Kathy Hearn 760 753-5786 x*817